Welcome, new friend!

Jerica Mosello, founder + owner

Like motherhood, Milk & My Honey has been a labor of love and dedication born of the stress and frustration that came from dressing (or attempting to dress) my postpartum, lactating body. 

When I would leave the house three questions rang clear in my mind: 

1) what would I wear?

2) how would it make me feel?

3) could I feed my baby while I wore it?

I was beholden to the "uniform" of the nursing mom: tanks layered under shirts, unflattering tops that were always in the way, maternity jeans so the high waisted belly band could hide my mid-section with my shirt pulled up, hideous bras that made me feel like "sexiness" was behind me. It was as if the fashion industry was saying to me: "you're a mother now; your own identity is no longer a priority."

Milk & My Honey meets you where you are and features clothes designed to help you #DropTheCover and feed that baby with discreet, functional fashion. With the help of friends new & old as well as my trusty business partner, Codie (a breastfeeding survivor herself,) we are tackling these issues head-on; and, we are so glad you are here.